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We’ve put together some of our most frequent questions from team members. If you still can’t find what you need, please get in touch with us.

Looking to hire us? Check out our Client FAQs.

How much work can I expect?

The work we offer is flexible, you can do as much or as little as suits. We’ll advertise the work and you pick and choose to apply for the shifts that work for you. We have a number of people working regular 40+hrs a week as well as plenty of people working one shift a month, or in amongst their university holidays.

How much do you pay?

All of our work is incentivised. We believe in positive reinforcement, therefore we reward those that work hard for us. Therefore it is difficult to give you an exact rate as every shift you work is eligible for at least one bonus. The very minimum you will receive is the National Minimum Wage.

How can I make sure the work fits in around my other commitments?

We pride ourselves on offering flexible work that fits in around your other commitments, like studying or family. We post all the available shifts on our app, and you pick the ones that suit you. There’s no obligation to work specific shifts or days. You can blitz every shift during the holidays and then pick up nothing once term starts, or go steady with one shift a week all year. All we ask is that if things change and you can no longer work a shift, you get in touch with us ASAP so we can reallocate the work.

Can I work the same shifts as my friends?

Absolutely. We love working with familiar faces, and linking up with friends often makes life easier in terms of sharing a ride to work! Just pick the shifts that fit your schedule on our app and you’re all set.

I think I’ve been charged tax when I’m not eligible for it yet.

If you’ve been taxed and you do not believe you should have been, please contact HMRC direct to query it. All the information you need is on your payslip. For more information see the company handbook.

What’s Randall?

The Randall role is one of our key roles (it is named after the first person to complete it). Effectively you are a spare in case a client requires an extra team member or if one of ours is no longer available to work. If needed you step in and work the shift, if not you are rewarded with compensation – please see the individual role for details.

There’s loads of jobs at a venue that’s outside the city, with no public transport. Do I need my own car?

We often help out at weddings, festivals and events in remote locations away from transport links. In that case, we’ll organise a mini-bus or car share to help everyone get there and back safely. Many of our jobs are in city centre locations that are easy to reach without a car.

I’m in Cardiff but want to apply for a job in Bristol, is that ok?

Of course, once you’re part of the team you’re welcome to work across any of our regions. Please be aware though we are unlikely to be able to cover your transport between cities so take that into account when applying.

Can I work at the same place and time each week?

We have lots of clients that require staff several times a week – such as sports grounds who need help every match day. It’s great if we can send the same people each week as it means everyone knows the ropes already and we can get straight to work. Let us know if you have regular availability and we’ll try to match you up with a regular client.

How much experience do I need?

If you already have hospitality experience that’s great, but lots of our team members joined us with no prior experience, as we offer full training before sending you out on assignment. Many of our staff have gone on to work full time in the hospitality industry, so we see ourselves as the first step on a career path and will give you the training you need to follow that path.

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