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We’ve put together some of our most frequent questions from clients. If you still can’t find what you need, please get in touch with us.

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What’s the minimum booking? My event is only a couple of hours.

We set a minimum call out of 4 hours. You can hire staff for less than that, but the minimum charge is set.

Are your staff trained?

Of course, all of our team attend an initial training with us so we can guarantee a level of quality. However, we don’t stop there, we also offer further training to allow everyone to develop and hone their skills, or just to act as a reminder in case it has been a while since they last used them.

How do I record how many hours were worked?

At the end of the shift, the team will complete a timesheet on their app and ask you as the supervisor to sign it to confirm the hours – just like you would a delivery driver. This is automatically submitted to us to process. For large teams, we will provide a paper copy as we feel that would be a lot easier for you than signing every individual submission.

How do you make sure everyone will turn up on time?

We have a dedicated management team ensuring that our team shows up as expected. In fact, last year we had a 99.5% success rate. It is impossible to guarantee everyone will be fit and healthy on the day, so we take the necessary measures required to ensure we have support and backup, including a morning message to check that everyone is set and a live check-in to make sure everyone is there on time.

Our team members are incentivised to arrive early and where possible our managers will be on-site to meet them and introduce you to them. Where possible, we also have extra people on standby just in case, who are willing and able to step in to help out if anything does happen (or if you just need an extra pair of hands on the day).

The event is going to over-run; can the team stay on later than planned?

Of course, we ensure the staff are always willing to work at least an extra hour after the proposed finish time of the shift – in fact, it’s part of their contract. However, if you do need them to stay past that, then please just ask. They are usually more than willing to help where they can. The timesheet acts as a way of recording any variation to the original shift so we can adjust payments accordingly.

We really like one of your team, can we arrange to take them on permanently?

Our priority is the growth and professional development of our team, even if that means seeing them move on to new opportunities. If you are a good fit for each other, then we are very happy to discuss them moving to your employment. For costs involved please contact info@twg-consultancy.co.uk.

What happens if you can’t arrange the support I need for my event?

We pride ourselves on our honesty, on the rare occasions we’re unable to help, we’ll always tell you if we’re struggling in good time to give you the opportunity to look elsewhere. As far as we’re concerned we’re working together, so would far rather you found support elsewhere than see you struggling on the day.

My event runs over a few days. Can the team stay overnight?

We regularly have teams camping, particularly for festivals and similar multi-day events. You can either provide the pitches or we can arrange it for you and the team will provide their own tents. If there are no facilities available, then we will look into local B&Bs, etc, to see what is feasible.

Do I need to feed your team at the event?

We make it clear from the start that any food provided is a real bonus and that every individual should provide themselves with their own food when working. However, a well fed team is a far more efficient team, so if you do have food left over, we’d recommend offering it, particularly on the longer shifts as theres nothing like a hot meal to re-invigorate a team.

My event is at a remote countryside location, can you help provide transport?

Depending on the location we can help with transport. For local jobs, we will always ensure staff can get to the venue easily. However, for larger events further afield we can discuss options with you. We will always work to find a suitable solution for all parties and are very happy to do the legwork in terms of logistics.

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